Saturday, 17 May 2014

Trying Something New


I am a newly qualified primary school teacher who loves art lessons and being a bit creative. I currently teach Year 3 children (aged 8) and run an after-school art club for children aged 8 and 9.

This blog is basically somewhere I can put pictures of projects that I do with step-by-step instructions so that I remember them. There will be posts with examples of projects:
- that I do with my normal class in art lessons
- that I do in my after-school club
- that I experiment with at home in an effort to find suitable activities for school.

By no means am I some kind of amazing artist (as you will be able to tell) but I love artistic things and that's what really matters. By following simple rules and drawing some basic patterns even the most adamant I-can't-do-art person can create something worth keeping.

Parents may even eventually come on here to check out the work that their children have been doing and hopefully others can look here and try out some of these activities at home. A lot of the things I do are as a result of hours upon hours of browsing Pinterest and reading art skill books and picking and choosing what I think works well together.

Fingers crossed I actually keep this up. There will hopefully be lots of beautiful work to be displayed.

I'll leave this first post with a picture of some of the projects I'm hoping to do with my club.


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