Monday, 19 May 2014

Class Art- Africa

We've started a new unit recently in our art lessons looking at Africa. I thought I'd post some of the work from a recent lesson. We started by looking at a similar picture to this of a lion and we discussed how to use our pencils to make darker and lighter lines to add tone and realism.

I modeled for the class on the board and showed how using blending will help and reminded them to  make sure that they highlight the darker areas.

Here are some examples of the children's work below. They did a great job considering they were quite far out of their comfort zone.

 Very good effort, 3B. We showed many examples of these and of our African patterns in our assembly. We received many compliments for our good learning.

My next post for the normal class will be to show some of our savannah work with silhouettes. They're looking great so far but need another week to finish.


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  1. Yay!!!The bottom one is mine, don't you think?
    It was most exiting while smudging and the eyes, as they were most tricky.

    Don't you think a little challenge is nice?