Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Art Club Project #2 - Oil Pastel Skylines

Today was the second week of our art club with my year 3s and 4s. I saw a picture on pinterest that was a lovely skyline created by blending oil pastels (the picture didn't link to a blog so let me know who to credit if you know!)  I tried coming up with my own lesson and I think they came out quite well. These are the steps that we followed:

Start by drawing a basic skyline on white card using a ruler.
Cut this out and then you are left with a stencil like this:
Place the stencil towards the top of your black sugar paper. Go over each of the buildings with a different colour oil patel. Blend the colour as you go, making sure you always do this in the same direction to get the desired effect. Make sure you leave space for a moon!
Move the stencil down and continue to build your skyline. Try to move the stencil to the left and right so that each level of your skyline is slightly different. Continue to use bright colours and blend in the same direction.
Make sure that you don't put your stencil over a line that you have already draw for an edge of a building. This will cause one of your buildings to have a big line through it which ruins the effect.

Once you're satisfied with your skyline, use white and yellow oil pastels to add lights in the windows of the buildings. Then use the same pastels to create your moon as shown below:

This project proved to be slightly tricky for some of the children as they were tempted to just draw line for their buildings. I needed to keep reminding them to blend and smudge their lines to give the impression of many coloured lights like a city glow. Here are some examples below from my 8 and 9-year-olds:

Great effort everyone. All of these techniques are very new to us all but we're giving it our best shot. They can't wait to take all their work home to show off at the end of the year.

Apologies once more for my awful camerawork. Need to sort out how to get clear pictures uploaded!

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