Thursday, 26 March 2015

Blue Abyss Painting

We've whizzed through another half-term and tomorrow is our last day in school before a lovely 2-week break (so it will be quite quiet on here for a bit!)

I came across this beautiful art activity on Pinterest and knew straight away that it would match in very well with our Blue Abyss topic as it looks like you're looking up from the deep blue abyss towards the sky.

This was an excellent opportunity to teach the children about value, tints and shades. We watched a short video introducing the new terminology and worked through a few brief examples to consolidate our learning. They were amazed at how many different colours could be created just by simply adding small amounts of different colours.

Paper- we used square paper for the children and I think this had the best effect
Poster/tempera paint- Blue, white and black
Black sugar paper to cut out creatures

Making this artwork followed a clear structure which was a good test of how well the children could listen and work in pairs.

1. Start with a small white circle in the centre of the paper

2. Add a hint of blue to the white and mix thoroughly. When mixed, paint another circle around the white circle, slightly overlapping as you go.

3. Repeat this step slowly adding more blue until the grade of blue is similar to the blue paint on its own.

4. Now do the next circle just with the pure blue paint.

5. Finish off the last couple of rings/corners, adding a hint of black to the blue each time.

6. For the creatures, children worked from a help-sheet that gave them guidance for drawing their creatures. They then cut these out from black sugar paper and applied them to their art when it was dry.

We had previously talked about perspective and how the animals in the middle of the piece should be smaller to make it look like they're further away, with the creatures closer to the outside being larger as if they were closer.

I'm very pleased with the results and have had numerous teachers popping in their heads to compliment the results.

Excellent, 4B!


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