Friday, 12 June 2015

Paul Klee Inspirational Lyrics

We shared this project in our sharing assembly this week and I received lots of positive comments from staff afterwards. As our topic is Playlist, we looked into the work of Paul Klee who was heavily inspired by music for many of his pieces of work. His mother was a singer and his father was a music teacher. I came across a similar project here at Mrs Picasso's art room, but wanted to make an extra link to our topic by using song lyrics.

We looked at this piece in particular and discussed how Klee used colour and lettering to create art:

We had previously set the children a homework task of thinking of a short phrase or few words from a song that particularly meant something to them. They came up with some wonderful ideas with inspirational messages.

White paper
Felt tips or coloured pencils
Black marker

1. To save time, I drew out a grid and photocopied it for all children.
2. They took their lyrics and wrote them out into the grid using a pencil, one letter in each box. I stressed for them to use up as much of each box as possible for the letter to make it stand out. 
3. To colour, the children coloured the boxes without a letter in just with one colour and the boxes that did have a letter in would colour each section in differently.
4. The last step was to use a ruler and black marker to go over the grid lines and then the lettering to really make it clear.

Here are our inspirational results:

I would love to post them all but I don't want to overload you! They look brilliant and I'm so impressed that every single child managed to come out with beautiful lyrics. Well done everyone, especially those in the assembly and thanks to the parents who were able to come along to support!



  1. Hi,this is Rohan, hope your having fun at your knew school and guess what? I published my first book! School at dorchester is good but it will never be the same without you,
    From Rohan

  2. Hello, Rohan!
    I am well thanks, but as you can see, I'm struggling to find time to update the website! I'll try to throw some posts together over half-term.

    Well done with your writing, I hope I got a special mention!

    I miss all the 3B/4B children. It's going to be a long time until I have a class as good as those. Good luck with the rest of year 5.

    Mr B.

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