Sunday, 9 November 2014

Class Art- Mosaics

This was an amazing art project that I came across at the excellent Mini Matisse (which has loads of other great ideas, too!)

I thought this could be used as part of our Roman Day as we had previously looked a bit at the use of mosaics in Roman times. It took quite a bit of organisation and prep but I think a lot of the results proved that it was worth it. Everyone who followed instructions ended up producing a beautiful mosaic that they could take home. 

- Empty CD case
- Variety of beans/lentils
- Glue

Step 1
We made planning pages for the children to use as shown below. They used the top grid to help them plan and construct a symmetrical pattern and then placed their CD over the 2nd grid once they were ready to transfer it to the real thing.
Step 2
When I was making my own for the model I didn't have the grid but you get the idea. First, you plan onto the paper to make sure everything works and you're happy with it. I started from the centre and built outwards.
Step 3
Once you're happy with your design, you can get your CD case ready. Glue a small section at a time and slowly transfer your plan onto the CD case. Don't worry about using too much PVA as it should dry clear.

Step 4
Slowly keep on transferring your plan over a section at a time. Try your best not to leave too many gaps between the lentils/beans! My model wasn't perfect because I was rushing through after school but if you take your time it will come out really well.

I was so impressed by how focused the class was during this activity. They worked very well and were almost hypnotised by the task! They were very pleased with their results and here's why:

Well done, everyone!



  1. These are great!! I will be adding you to my blogroll. Thanks for sharing your project with me and TRULY thank you for the sweet comments. I appreciate the link. Check out my reply to your project!

  2. I'm pleased you had a look! Thanks a lot for your response and adding the blog, that's very kind. I've been quietly following yours and many others for a while now.

  3. Wow!! That's beautiful..Some days ago I also try to make mosaic products like this but I was unable to create this. Thanks for sharing this amazing creativity.

  4. Hello, thank you! Did you follow the steps? I'd be happy to give further advice if needed.

  5. Fantastic idea! we will be trying this at our kids club in Romania. Covid-19 makes it hard to find activities which are engaging as well as having the kids not moving around. Thank you

    1. I'm pleased you found this useful. I hope your results came out as you hoped :)