Tuesday, 15 August 2017

I became an uncle :)

Hello again!

On 9th July, I became an uncle for the first time when my wonderful sister gave birth to the beautiful Madeleine Rose.

Immediately, the new parents were inundated with all sorts of clothes, bibs and nappies. However, the request for me was to purchase a name sign for Maddie's new bedroom. I thought I'd go one better and create her own sign from scratch using the metled crayon method that I used before for this project.


Canvas (I used A3 size)
Super glue or a hot glue gun to assemble the crayons to the canvas
Heat source (I used a hairdryer which did the job nicely)
Stencils for lettering
Black paint or Sharpie to fill in letters

Here it is up on the door. I'm hoping Maddie will enjoy it for years to come. I'll make an artist of her yet!