Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Class Art- Kente cloth paper weaving

I came across this picture on pinterest and knew straight away that I had to include this as an end-of-year activity that would go well with our African unit in art.

1. Cut two identical square/rectangular pieces of paper in two colours
2. On one piece, decorate with vertical lines and patterns, on the other, decorate with horizontal lines and patterns
3. Cut vertical strips along the vertical line paper and go close to the edge of the paper but not all the way to the end
4. On the other piece of paper, cut all the way across horizontally to make strips with a similar width
5. Weave the horizontal strips into the vertical strips
6. Use  coloured paper to add extra details like face/arms/legs and the hat.
7. We added an extra border by following instructions that I found here

They had not done weaving before so some found this quite tricky but I was very impressed with most of the final results. They were a hit at our mini gallery (to be blogged about soon!) because they were so different to anything else that we cover.


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