Friday, 20 March 2015


Following on from our super bioluminescent fish, we embarked upon a 2-week activity that resulted in a bloom of jellyfish (yes, I had to google what the collective noun was)

I had previously stumbled across this great project on One Crayola Short and thought it'd make a great addition to our Blue Abyss topic.

Attempting to do this with a group of 30 was perhaps a mistake. At first, glue managed to get into every corner of the classroom and the children weren't really smoothing down their tissue paper on both sides. I strongly recommend a really detailed model. I usually make my own in preparation but unfortunately didn't have the time on this occasion.

We got there eventually in a couple of lessons and it was lovely to see such great teamwork and camaraderie with children helping each other cut and stick all of the extra little details.

Here are the results:

They're ready just in time for the second parent-teacher consultation evening. I'm sure they'll be a hit!


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