Wednesday, 11 March 2015

3D Letters and Lollipop Stick Names

Every year, a group of children in Year 6 opt to stay in school rather than going away on a trip. I was asked to do a WHOLE DAY of art with these children as a treat and I very quickly agreed! A very successful project that I've done previously is this 3D letter idea. Before, we did it as a large group of a 3-week period. Due to only having 8 children in the class this time, I thought we'd try squeezing it all into one day. Thankfully, it worked!

Instructions for the project are all on the link in the first paragraph. Here are the results:

The Boys:

The Girls:

Due to the group working so well, we had some extra time at the end. Each child was given roughly 12 lollipop sticks and told that they had to spell out their name or initials. They laid out their designs first and then glued them together. To finish, they painted and a couple of the group glued on a pipe-cleaner as a hanger.

Good job, Year 6!


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