Monday, 22 December 2014

Fantastical Silhouettes

To finish off our Potion topic this half term, we created some beautiful pictures that the children could take home with them. The class was set a homework to bring in an image of a fantastical object/person/creature that they could use as a silhouette. The background was supposed to be created by blowing coloured bubbles onto the paper but unfortunately the solution didn't arrive in time! Luckily, the improvised alternative came out beautifully and perhaps even better than the first idea.

-A4 drawing paper
- Black A4 paper
- Fantastical image for silhouette (or just draw your own!)
- Scissors
- Glue
- Watercolours
- Paint
- Salt

1. Wet all of your A4 drawing paper with a brush. Then, choose complementary watercolours and dab the wet paper and watch the colours mix and blend together.

2. Whilst the paper is still wet, sprinkle some salt over the paper. You will see the colours get "sucked in" and make a really cool effect.

3. Cut out (or draw) your silhouette image carefully. Glue it onto the black paper.

4. Cut out the silhouette shape from the black paper.

5. Glue the silhouette onto the background when it is dry.

I was so pleased with these pieces of artwork. During lessons, I often found my eyes looking up at the art as it was so amazing. The photos haven't done them complete justice but give you a good idea.

I am INCREDIBLY pleased with these and they all came out brilliantly. This was probably my favourite project so far this year as every student was successful.


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