Monday, 22 December 2014

End of topic Potion display (and wands!)

Final post to bring us up to date for the Christmas holidays! We've now finished the half-term and it's been a long and tough one that included an inspection in the last week!

The children loved the creative side to this topic and I just thought I'd share our topic work display board that we've been adding to over the past few weeks. They include some work that I've already shared here (sketches/overlapping bottles) but there are also some wands there, too! We used a basic running stitch, stuffing and felt to make their wands. These accompanied their own potion bottle and magic poem.

Now it's time for a 2 week break with lots of merriment and joy. I hope all staff and students have a lovely period of time off and I can't wait to see everyone again for our next topic (lots more creative opportunities!)

A huge thanks also needs to go to the families who were generous to send in a card or present. I was overwhelmed by the kindness.

Thank you.

- Just a little extra: We're almost at 1,500 views! That's unbelievable for something that just started out as a little extra to share some work. Thanks for visiting. Please feel free to leave comments

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