Monday, 10 November 2014

Class Art- Roman God and Goddess Statues

Next project! This was another activity planned in for our Roman Day which went incredibly well. Children were previously set a homework to design and sketch their own Roman God or Goddess and had to give them a personality.

Their task was to use clay to then create their god. Each child had a few basic tools, a big clump of clay and about 45 minutes to crease/smooth/roll their creation.

I've not used clay a huge amount in my teaching experience but I thoroughly enjoyed it and luckily our class TA knew a lot more about the techniques than I did.

Once the clay was completely dry, the children could coat their statue in a metallic paint of their choice. They were then permitted to use a sponge to dab a second metallic colour on to make it look more like an ancient statue.

Here are the impressive results:

 I was really impressed with their patience and hard work. Well done!


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