Monday, 10 November 2014

Class Art- Hot and Cold Boudicca

I'm attempting to power on through and catch up with posting these Roman activities before moving onto this half-term's topic which is POTIONS.

We discussed Boudicca and talked about who she was in our topic lessons so already had a good picture of what she might have looked like in our heads. I then showed the children a presentation all about looking at things in different ways and we discussed the use of warm and cool colours. We looked at pictures that used cool subjects and warm backgrounds and then swapped them around to see how the perspective changed.

The class agreed that if the subject uses warm colours it suggests that they are the strong and dominant force. However, if the subject used cool colours and was surrounded by warm colours, the subject appears to be overpowered.

I tried showing the class the difference as shown below:
Children could choose to sketch and colour in their Boudicca in either style depending on how they wanted to depict her.

Here are some examples of the results:

Unfortunately, most went for the cool background and warm foreground so we didn't get to see much of a comparison, but they were still very well done. Next year, I might split the class in half so we get to see the difference!


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