Thursday, 18 June 2015

Jackson Pollock Guitars

Next on our list was this fun activity. As always, Pinterest was my saviour and I remembered finding a rockin' Pollock guitar challenge to fit in with our "Playlist" topic by Art with Mrs Seitz.

We learnt about the artist himself and looked at some of his work. Some of the children were confused and felt that they could produce similar if not better art but others were able to appreciate it!

To give the effect of a Pollock painting, we dipped string into paint using clothes pegs (to save us from extra messiness) and the children then laid the string across the guitar outlines that they had drawn and cut out from coloured paper beforehand. They could move around different tables to get different tables and overlap the colours. I was surprised by how effective this technique was and the class really enjoyed it.

We glued the colourful guitars to black paper and then painted our background. I urged them to try to think of how they could convey movement and sound, some painted musical notes and others went for more abstract designs.

The final stage, once the guitars were dry, was to glue on extra details such as string and tin foil (for frets and other guitar details).

It was great having such an unstructured art lesson and I really felt that the children had a lot of creative freedom and room to express themselves. Here's how they turned out and thanks Mrs Seitz!



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