Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Northern Lights/ Arctic Art

Something slightly different for this project. As the art co-ordinator for the school, other year groups sometimes come to me for advice on projects. Year 6 were looking for some help with their "Frozen" topic and wanted to produce some art featuring the Arctic and also wanted a way to include snippets from their arctic poems. Fortunately, I came across this excellent picture on Arteascuola. It showed numerous methods for achieving polar landscapes such as salt, clingfilm and rice.

The first lesson saw Year 6 explore these methods and others to see which effect they preferred and it also gave them an opportunity to master the technique. The following 1-2 lessons were spent creating their artwork that was based on this and this. I loved both of these pictures and the class was tasked with creating their own polar landscape also featuring the northern lights. Their final job was to add a few words or lines from their arctic poem that they'd created in literacy.

Here are a few examples of their work, I think they've come out beautifully:

(This person actually used the water/paint/clingfilm for the Northern lights!)

Well done Year 6!


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