Thursday, 12 June 2014

Art Club Project #3- British Bulldogs

Welcome back to some more amazing work from the art club. I continue to be so incredibly impressed by these young pupils and it's a shame we're pretty much halfway through our time together before the end of the year. This project has taken us a couple of 1 hour sessions. I found these really helpful step-by-step instructions for a draw along bulldog on smART class. Being a school in England, we're obviously familiar with the phrase "British Bulldog" so I decided to attempt to put a project together.

1. For the first lesson, we followed the instructions whilst I modeled on the board in pencil and we then traced our work in a black marker which gave us something like this:
 2. I decided that I wanted to do a union jack background to reflect the "British Bulldog" theme. I gave the children an A4 sized printout of the flag with very faint lines. I can make this downloadable if requested. It looks like this:
3. Rather than just do fun art activities in the club, I do try to teach about different styles and methods. We opted for pointillism as it's something new for them and provides a good final product. They went over the faint lines with dots in black marker:
4. We then also learnt about the colour wheel and how to find complementary colours. Students were asked to replace the red and blue with complementary colours but to leave the usual white parts as white. I went for purple and yellow, still using the pointillism method:

5. We then went back to our bulldog and cut it out. Using the same complementary colours, we made small colourful additions to add our own accents:
6. Pupils could then choose where to place their bulldog: left, right or centre:
And there you have it!

Here is some of the fantastic work that we produced over this two-week project. Enjoy!

Superb! I think it's amazing that we all used the same instructions but each of the bulldogs have their own slightly different character. Some have ended up looking very cute, others quite proud and other very brutish. We're sticking with the animal theme for our next project which should be posted in a couple of weeks. Good job!


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